Long back (Period Unknown) Swamy found under a Nelli (Amla) tree and worshiped by Sidhas. It is believed that Prana Deepika Sidhar, Jadamudi Sidhar and other Sidhas performed pooja to the present Moolavar under a Nelli (Amla) tree. Dhathree means Nelli (Amla) a Sanskrit word. In Tamil Dhathreeswarar is called as Nelliappar and Prasunakunthalambigai as Poonkuzhali.

The present temple is believed to be constructed by pandia king Jadavarma Sundara Pandian-I during 13th century.

Swathi Natchatra Sthalam – performing Abishekam to swamy by Nelli charu at Swathi Natchatram will help the devotees to get out from their Illness and Poverty. Pachai vastram presented to Prasunakunthalambigai Ambal will bring Thirumana Bhakyam and Prosperity. Hereditary Gurukkal (Archakar) Shri. Kumaran sivachariyar (Ph no: 94447 93942) are performing daily poojas.

Prana Depika Sithar, Jadamudi Sidhar and many other Sidhars are appearing in the pillars of the temple. Sidharkadu name comes after sidhars. Many Sidhars are believed to be living even now. Santha Nandhi without Mookkanankairu and Shivalayam without Navagraham are the salient features of the Temple.

Chithra Pournami Pooja celebrated with Pancha Murthy Ula, Margazhi Arudhra Urchavam with Natarajar Thirukalyanam and Natarajar Thiruvethi ula and Thaipoosam with Lord Murugan thiruveethi ula are the main Festivals.

Temple Timings

8:00 AM to 10.30 AM and 5.00 PM to 8:00 PM
Archanai will be performed from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

For any information please feel free to call Shri. Kumaran Sivachariyar (Mobile No. +91 94447 93942)