Trust LogoAbout Sivanadiyargal Baktha Jana Sabha Trust

    • Sivanadiyargal Baktha Jana Sabha Trust (SBJST) is established on 24th November 2009 represented by the young devotees of Lord Shiva living in Thirumanam Village. The motto of the Trust is to protect the Customs, Traditions and monument structure of the Dhathreeswarar Temple.
    • The SBJST actively participate in General Charities and other Hindu Religious activities.
    • Every year the Chithra Pournami (Full Moon day) Urchavam is being celebrated by the Trust with grand Decor and Swamy Ambal Thiruveethi Ula with the blessing of Sri Dhathreeswarar.
    • Vinayaka Chathurthi, Arudhra, Thaipoosam and other festivals are being celebrated by active participation of the SBJST with the blessing of Sri Dhathreeswarar.
    • The SBJST made a new Ravaneshwarar Vahanam at a cost of Rs. 1, 00,185/- and dedicated to the Dhathreeswarar Temple out of donations from devotees and Trust Fund.
    • The SBJST erected the Dwajasthambam (Kodimaram) with 39 feet height of Pure Burma Teak Wood at a cost of Rs.6.50 Lakhs, with donations from devotees on 7th February 2011.
    • After performing Balalayam on 8th Sep 2011 the Trust has undertaken the renovation work of Sri Dhathreeswarar Temple with an estimated cost of Rs. 49.50 Lakhs. The objectives are to renovate the Rajagopuram, Swamy Vimanam, Ambal Vimanam, Nandikeshwarar gopuram, Sannathi Vinayagar Temple, vasantha Mandapam, Entrance Mandapam, Surrounding Wall and all other related works.

Contact persons for any trust related queries are

Mr. T. P Ramesh +91- 94456 03942
Mr. J. Gopi +91- 94440 05334

The Trust is represented by

SBJST President Mr. T.Natarajan
Treasurer Mr. T.S.Dhathreeswaran
Secretary & Vice President Mr. J.Gopi
Joint President Mr. M.Umapathy