History of Sitharkadu Sivan Temple

  • Arulmigu Prasunakunthalambigai sametha Dhathreeswara Thirukovil, Thirumanam, Sidharkadu dating back to 9th century.
  • Fish emblem in the Rajagopuram Entrance supports the belief that the temple is erected by Jadavarma Sundara Pandian-I a Pandia King.
  • During the 9th century AD, Marco Polo (Merchant Traveler, Rome) mentioned Pandia Kingdom as the Richest Empire existence in the world.
  • During the 9th century under the pandias ruling Shiva (Saivam) and Vishnu (Vainavam) attained greater and equal importance and most part of Treasure gained by Wars were utilized for construction and renovation of temples both for Shiva and Vishnu.
  • Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil Thirumanam is one of the finest examples for Shiva and Vishnu Sangamam.  Main Entrance of the Lord Shiva temple has Dasavatharam Sculptures.
  • Both Sundarrajaperumal Thirukovil and Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil have a common Theertham (Thirukulam).
  • Both the temples are maintained by one Hereditary Trust presently headed by Shri T.G.Rajan.
  • Sivanadiyargal Baktha Jana Sabha Trust (SBJST) represented by young Shivan devotees of Thirumanam Village is a non-profit association formed to protect the Customs and Traditions of Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil with the help of devotees.
  • On His (Dhathreeswarar) support and with the help of devotees the SBJST (Thirumanam) erected the new Dwajasthambam (Kodimaram) during Feb 2011 in the same place where the earlier one was broken and fallen.
  • On His support with the help of devotees and the hereditary trustee on 8th Sep 2011 after performing Balalayam the SBJST presently under taken the renovation work of the Rajagopuram, Swamy Vimanam, Ambal Vimanam, Entrance mandapam and vasantha mandapam