Welcome to Sitharkadu Sivalayam’s Official Website

The website for Sitharkadu Sivan Temple has been designed by the friends and well-wishers of the Temple. The objective continues to be the highlight of the activities being carried out by the TSBJST trust and the commited group of people.

Sitharkadu Sivan Temple has many more unique feeling that no many places have in a similar way. The present temple is believed to be constructed by pandya king Jadavarma Sundara Pandian-I (King and a Lord Emperor of Pandyan Dynasty) dating back to 9th Century.

Sitharkadu Sivan Temple is the temple with multiple deities and dedicated to Dhathreeswarar (God for solving problems related to Illness and Poverty) and Prasunakunthalambigai Ambal (Godess for solving problems related to Marriage and Prosperity)

This ancient temple of Shiva has many carvings of various Siddhars in the mandapam and all around the temple supporting the fact that this temple is being worshipped by Siddhars. Parihara temple for people born in ‘Swathi’ star.